Gluten free option: house-made fusilli add $2

Layers of fresh pasta sheets, Nonna’s meatballs, house made sausage, pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, parmigiano and seasoned ricotta.

We braise our beef for over 8 hours, then add our mascarpone and spices. Topped with a beef cream sauce.

An assortment of fresh seafood tossed with wine, butter, pomodoro sauce and fresh fettuccine.

House-made penne, tossed with fresh pesto, fresh roasted chicken, olive oil, garlic and roasted red peppers.

Spaghetti, topped with pomodoro sauce and meatballs. We make it all in-house!

House-made ricotta dumplings tossed in our vodka rosé red pepper sauce.

House-made pasta sheets, stuffed with spinach and seasoned ricotta, topped with rosé sauce.

House-made pasta sheets, stuffed with beef, seasoned ricotta, and mascarpone, topped with pomodoro sauce.

Fresh fettuccine, tossed with sautéed leeks, pancetta, white wine, cream, and parmigiano.

Fresh linguine, with:

  • Al olio $19.00 (social $33.00)
  • White clam sauce $21.00 (social $36.00) 
  • Red clam sauce $19.00 (social $33.00) 


Linguine noodles tossed in olive oil, garlic, spinach, fresh basil, Italian parsley, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers and capers.

House-made risotto, cremini, Portobello and button mushrooms, garlic and white truffle oil.